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Jaw Crushers

Jaw Crushers are used as primary/secondary crushers in Uranium Ore Mining.

Apron Feeders

Apron Feeders are extensively used to reclaim ROM/ Large Size ores from Dump Hoppers for primary crushing at mine end Ore Handling.

Roll Crushers

Corrugated Double Roll Crushers are used as secondary crushers in Uranium Ore plants to crush (-) 25 mm size. Smooth Double Roll Crushers can be used for crushing normally up to (-) 5mm.

Cone Crushers

MSEL has agency agreements with reputed manufacturers to sell Cone Crushers equipment, which are required in secondary &Tertiary Crushing of Ore for subsequent grinding to even smaller sizes.

Conveyor Components

MSEL product range includes all types of drive and non-drive pulleys, and idlers.

Reciprocating Feeders

Reciprocating Feeder are built for high capacity reclamation from surge bins, bunker and hoppers and also as feeding equipment. A wide range of sizes is available in MSEL offerings. Heavy Duty versions with larger drives and heavier pans can be selected for coarse ores and normal versions for fine ores.

Motorised Trippers

Basically Motorised Trippers are rail mounted conveyor discharging equipment to uniformly distribute the conveyed Ore over a large Bin or Ground Storage stockpile.

Grizzly Screens/ Vibrating Feeders

Grizzly Screens/ Vibrating Feeders are used in primary crusher operation in Uranium Mining as scalping screen downstream of the Primary Ore Crusher to separate undersized and oversized ore. Typical separation is at 80 mm. However other opening sizes are also used depending upon feed analysis, product size etc. Vibrating feeders are also used as Feeders to reclaim ore from Hoppers/Bins or feeding to crushers/screens.

Circular Motion Screens

Circular Motion Screens are used to segregate various size fractions in various mineral streams. Sometimes Circular Motion Screens are used to reduce load on crushers by removing fraction which is already smaller than required size and sometimes Circular Motion Screens are used to recirculate oversize fractions from crushed product stream back to crushers. Possible application is in Mines before despatch to power plants. Circular Motion Screens are available in 1, 2 and 3 decks to get 2, 3 and 4 size fractions respectively. Each size fraction may be requiring different post processing.

Rotary Disc Feeders

Rotary Disc Feeders are continuous volumetric device reclaiming dry small lumps, coarse, fine grained and powdery material from surge bins and hoppers to feed subsequent equipment. Rotary Disc Feeders can be used in chemical conditioning slurry tanks for dosing reagents.

Linear Motion Screens

Linear Motion Screens are used for similar applications but in more demanding situations, e.g.-

  • Where the height is limited by surrounding facilities,
  • For the screening of small and short fractions
  • Where required throughput is high.

High Particle Acceleration Screens

High Particle Acceleration Screens are ideally suited for heavy and very heavy screening applications for higher level of moisture and fine grain size materials (3 mm to 10 mm) with screening capacities up to 250 metric TPH. The Inner frame is agitated by means of eccentric shaft drive. The vibration is passed on to the Outer frame via flexible thrust plates.
Screening mats between the inner and outer frame are clamped and flexed by the two vibrating frames. The relative movement of both screening frames creates a “trampoline effect” in the screen mats to create-

  • High acceleration up to 50g in screen mats.
  • Loosening-up and de-agglomeration of the product.

Banana Screens

Banana Screens are multi-slope vibrating screens, come in single/ two/ three deck configurations and are used in place of Circular Motion Screens when higher capacities (above 400 tph) are to be processed. The angle of deck decreases from feed end to discharge end.

Slurry Pumps

In Beneficiation plants usually the process involves transporting of Ore Slurry (suspension of Crushed/ Ground Ore in Water) between various stages. This is done by use of Slurry Pumps. MSEL has a vast range of Horizontal and Vertical Centrifugal Pumps catering to Slurry Pumps requirements.

Rod Mills (Grinding Mill)

Final crushed ore from tertiary crushers is ground to (-) 1 mm by rod mills. MSEL has a large range of rod mills to suit most ore characteristics and product requirements.

Ball Mills (Grinding Mill)

Ball Mills (Grinding Mill) are used for size reduction to microns and form part of grinding circuit to get the final product for downstream Uranium Ore beneficiation by leaching.


Thickeners are used to concentrate Uranium Slurry (30-35% Solids) from refinery to about 60- 70 % Solids. Overflow product is mostly water and is recycled into grinding circuit whereas the underflow is taken for leaching circuit or to tailings as reject disposal.