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In a Thermal Power Plant, MSEL can supply variety of equipment under Balance of Plant (BOP) package.
MSEL’s manufacturing range for BOP equipment includes the following:
a.  Motorized Trippers
Motorized Trippers devices are mounted on conveyor belts running on top of long bunkers with several compartments and are used to discharge the material from the conveyor equitably all along the length of the bunker.

b.  Rotary Breaker

Rotary Breaker is used to separate hard rocks from coal while crushing the ROM ( below 600 mm) to (150-200 mm) in situations where coal’s hardness is significantly lower to that of contaminating stones/rocks.

c.  Ring Granulator

This is a special purpose crusher for producing (-) 25 mm granular coal from (-) 250 mm feed, and is commonly used in Coal Handling Plants of Thermal Power Stations in all types of Coal Combustion systems.

d.  Screening Feeder

Screening Feeder are screens entrusted with two tasks; that of feeding to Crushers and of pre-screening or scalping the feed to crushers. Screening Feeder may be of Linear Motion Screen with Geared Exciters or of Twin Eccentric Shaft in Oil Bath type.

e.  Apron Feeder

Apron Feeder are extensively used to reclaim ROM/ Large Size Coal from Dump Hoppers for primary crushing.

f.  Wagon Tippler

In Coal Handling Plants which are distant from Mines the ROM Coal is brought by rail and unloaded into Hoppers by Wagon Tipplers.

g.  Paddle Feeder

Paddle Feeder are used for continuous reclaiming of coal from long length track hoppers on to conveyors for further processing.

h.  Stacker cum Reclaimer

Stacker cum Reclaimer are used in Coal/Lignite Handling Plants to create large ground stockpiles of coal/lignite and also to reclaim from the stockpile as and when required.

i.  Pulleys & Idlers

MSEL has all types of belt conveyor Pulleys and Idlers in its product range.

j. Job Shop Manufactured Items

MSEL has a huge facility to manufacture any types of fabricated and machining job as per the drawings supplied by the client.


MSEL can supply following equipment for this sector.
a.  Transporter Vessel — An air lock device to transfer ash from hoppers at atmospheric pressure to the pressurised conveying line.
b.  Rotary Drum Mixer– Conditions ash with water to minimize dust nuisance during unloading, feeds ash to open trucks or rail cars.
c.  Paddle Mixer – Conditions ash with water to minimize dust nuisance during unloading, feeds ash to open trucks or rail cars. Nuisance mitigation ability of fugitive dust is more compared to Rotary Drum Mixer.
d.   Ash Intake Valve – Controls ash flow with a swing disc gate, receiving the ash through an adapter hopper. An outlet tee connects the hopper to the conveyor line.
e.  Air Intake Valve—Permits conveying air to enter the conveyor line. It may be adjusted to compensate for the negative pressure in the precipitator bag house.
f.  Cup Valve – Allows ash flow into the Transporter Vessel avoiding avalanche of large amount of ash from collection hoppers by an uniquely designed cone inside the Valve housing.
g.  Dual Disc Valve – Used as a speciality valve in dry ash conveying lines. Uniquely designed for usage in dry ash lines and has high abrasion resistant abilities which normal valves available in the market can’t offer.
h.  Clinker Grinder — It breaks up clinkers before transfer to the sluice pump. It may have single eccentric cam structure or double rolls to crush large sized ash lumps coming from furnace ash collection hopper..
i.  Bag Filter — Separates fine ash, not removed by the cyclonic separating equipment, from conveying air, prevents damage to mechanical vacuum producers and satisfies emission requirements.
j.  Cyclone Separator/ Continuous Operating Separator – Separates ash from conveying air and deposits the ash in the bin without interrupting the conveying from the fly ash intakes. Lower capacity systems can use gravity dump units that briefly interrupt the conveying sequence to deposit the ash in the bin.
k.  Vent Filter – The conveying air is vented back to the dust collector inlet, ash gets arrested in the bags of the filter and clean air vented to the atmosphere.
l.  Centrifugal Ash Slurry Pumps—a centrifugal pump with required flow and discharge head used for transportation of abrasive ash slurry to ash pond or any abandoned place.
m.  Sump Pumps – A centrifugal slurry pump executed in vertical disposition to pump out contaminated drain water collected in the plant.
n.  Drag Chain Conveyors – An en-masse conveyor to transport dry ash in high capacities and to a relatively longer distance than normal dry ash conveyors carry.
o.  Air Receiver – Used as air storage tank to augment immediate surge air requirement for actuation of various valves, conveying lines, bag filter purging etc.