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Drum Scrubbers

These are used to clean clayey/siliceous coatings from iron ore lumps as the first stage of Iron Ore Beneficiation.

Circular Motion Screens

Also known as CM Screens, these are used to segregate various size fractions in ore streams. Sometimes used to reduce load on crushers by removing fraction which is already smaller than required size at other times these are used to recirculate oversize fractions from crushed product stream back to crushers. Possible application is in Mines before despatch to beneficiation plants as also in beneficiation plants. These Screens are available in 1, 2 and 3 decks to get 2, 3 and 4 size fractions respectively. Each size fraction may be requiring different post processing.

Linear Motion Screens

Linear Motion Screens are used for similar applications but in more demanding situations, e.g.-

  • Where the height is limited by surrounding facilities,
  • For the screening of small and short fractions
  • Where required throughput is high.

High Particle Acceleration Screens

These are ideally suited for heavy and very heavy screening applications for fine grain size materials (1 mm to 10 mm) with screening capacities up to 250 metric TPH. In Iron Ore & Steel industry these are used for fine screening in Flux Crushing & Screening circuits. The base frame is agitated by means of eccentric shaft drive. The vibration is passed on to the dynamic frame via thrust rubbers.

Screening mats between the inner and outer frame are clamped and flexed by the two vibrating frames. The relative movement of both screening frames creates a “trampoline effect” in the screen mats to create-

  • High acceleration up to 50g in screen mats.
  • Loosening-up and de-agglomeration of the product.

Roller Screens

As opposed to above three types of screens which are based on bed stratification principle, Roller Screens are based on free fall principle. These are used in Iron Ore Pellet Plants when it is essential to prevent breakage and degradation of pellets and efficient separation of fines for recycling back to pelletisers. Trolley Mounted Roller Screens are used in Coke Sorting Plants.

Grizzly Screens

These are used in primary crusher operation in Iron Ore Mining as scalping screen downstream of the Primary Ore Crusher to separate undersized and oversized ore. Typical separation is at 80 mm. These are also used as Feeders to reclaim ore from Hoppers/Bins. These are also used as scalping screens in Flux Crushing & Screening circuits.

Jaw Crushers

These are used as alternatives to Gyratory Crushers as primary crushers in Iron Ore Mining when the throughput needed is less than 500-600 metric TPH. For hard ores Double Toggle Jaw Crushers and for softer ores Single Toggle Jaw Crushers are customary, but based on cost and life expectations (lower costs but with lower wear life in ST variety for hard ores) this distinction is mostly blurred.

Hammer Mills

These are used in crushing the coal in Coke Oven Plants before charging to ovens. These are used in recycling of iron & steel scraps by shredding to smaller size for re-melting. Reversible Hammer Mills are also used for flux crushing in preparation of Sinter Mix.

Toothed Double Roll crushers

(-) 300 mm Lumps of Hot/ Cold primary crushed sinter in sintering plants is reduced to (-) 50 mm size by these crushers. Capacity is in the range of up to 400 t/h. These are also used as Coke Cutter in Coke Sorting Plants.

Smooth Double Roll Crushers

In Iron Ore & Steel industry smooth Double Roll Crushers for tertiary crushing of Iron Ore with feed size being limited to 45/50 mm and product in the order of 5-10 mm. These are also used crushing coke in preparation of Sinter Mix.

Rod Mills

These are used to reduce crushed Iron Ore from 12 mm to 1 mm. The ore product may be used directly for sale or for further grinding to micron sizes by Ball Mills. Basically these are used in Iron Ore beneficiation and in Pelletisation and Coke Crushing for preparation of Sinter Mix in Sintering Plants.

Ball Mills

These are used for size reduction to microns and form part of grinding circuit in an Iron Ore Beneficiation/ Pelletisation Plant. Another application is for coal/coke grinding in Coal Dust Injection system for the Blast Furnace and for Calcium Carbonate grinding in Desulphurisation circuit in Steel Making.

Bucket Elevators

These are used for vertical transport of powdery, small grained bulk materials e.g. dolomite, feldspar, limestone, clinker etc. particularly in flux preparation units in Steel making.

Rotary Disc Feeders

These are continuous volumetric device reclaiming dry small lumps, coarse, fine grained and powdery material from surge bins and hoppers to feed subsequent equipment. In Iron & Steel making these can be used for dosing alloying elements in mechanised casting shops.

Slurry Pumps

In Iron Ore Beneficiation plants usually the process involves transporting of Ore Slurry (suspension of Crushed/ Ground Ore in Water) between various stages. This is done by use of Slurry Pumps. MSEL has a vast range of Horizontal and Vertical Centrifugal Pumps catering to these requirements. Slurry Pumps are also used in Slag Granulation and ETP Plants.


These are used to dewater Ore Slurry to about 60- 70 % Solids. Overflow product is mostly water and is recycled into circuit whereas the underflow is taken for filtration (in case of Concentrate Thickeners) or to tailings as reject disposal. Thickeners are required for thickening the slurry to desired pulp density for processing, dewatering or for water recovery at the end of the process.

Filter Press

We have the filter press in collaboration with Choquenet France for the concentrate and tailing applications.

Beneficiation Plant

We can offer complete Beneficiation plant with the design and supply in our scope for Iron ore.We can also offer complete Grinding plant package for the pellet feed application.

Waste water treatment plant

The dust scrubbers of Blast furnace, SMS, BOF etc. generate lot of slurry. We can offer total water recovery system package with design and engineering where in waste ie solid will be converted in the form of cake for the useful purposes with least moisture.

Column Flotation Cells

These are used in beneficiation of Iron Ore fines (< 100 microns) where gravity and magnetic separations are not effective. These are also used to reduce silica by flotation process as required in Pelletisation circuits.

U Flotation Cells

These are used for removal of specific impurities e.g. Alumina, Phosphorous, Quartz and Silica. Tests determine the suitability of these or Column Cells described above.

Motorised Trippers

Basically these are rail mounted conveyor discharging equipment to uniformly distribute the conveyed Ore over a large Bin or Ground Storage stockpile.

Conveyor Components

MSEL product range includes all types of drive and non-drive pulleys, and idlers.

Apron Feeders

These are extensively used to reclaim ROM/ Large Size ores from Dump Hoppers for primary crushing at mine end Ore Handling.

Wagon Tipplers

In integrated steel plants which are distant from Mines the various raw material including iron ore are brought by rail and unloaded into Hoppers by Wagon Tipplers for further conveying to various locations inside the Plant.

Paddle Feeders

These are used for continuous reclaiming of raw material from track hoppers (stocked by Railway Rakes) on to reclaim conveyors for further processing in Plants.

Bucket Wheel Stacker cum Reclaimers

These are used in Integrated Steel Plants or at ports to create large ground stockpiles of raw materials and also to reclaim from the stockpile on to conveyors.

Cone Crushers

MSEL has agency agreements with reputed manufacturers to sell these equipment, which are required in Iron Ore Crushing to 30 mm/ 10 mm sizes in beneficiation and Pelletisation circuits. Other applications are in Steel Desulphurisation circuits for crushing limestone and in Blast Furnace for crushing coal/coke in Carbon Dust Injection systems.